how many people are on x1 and x360 these days

curious to see if x1 is leading yet (for that less lobby waiting)


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I still play way more on Xbox 360. It is a true fact there are more people on Xbox 360 than there is so far on Xbox 1. 80% of my friends don't have an Xbox 1. You do get a good amount of people on Forza Horizon 2 though in online free roam. Same could be said for playground playlists in Forza 5. I have Halo MCC and have to say the multiplayer experience isn't very rich compared to Halo 4 on Xbox 360.

These are some results from Wikipedia.

As of June 2014, 84 million Xbox 360 consoles have been sold worldwide

Xbox 1: Units sold: 12.1 million (as of March 28, 2015)

It will be a while before the X1 takes the lead over its older brother but the fact that the X1 is selling faster than the 360 did at the same point in it's lifetime( X1 has sold nearly 3 million more consoles in its first year and a half than the 360 did for the same time period. ) is good for the X1

I had been 50/50 and spent equal time on both, tbh though I haven't touched the 360 in around 6 weeks. I will probably go back to the 360 from time to time.

I don't think the 84m 360 sold figure is a fair reflection on the x1 sales or a true representation of how well the 360 actually did.  I mean, I know I've bought 3 360's during its cycle and I suspect many others have bought more than one 360 console.  With the X1 being relatively new, almost all of us will still be on our first model.  Then there was the infamous RROD issue that MS only extended the warranty for it a few years later.  Many people would probably have bought a new console before that issue got covered for 3 years.

It would be interesting to see how many of those 84m are actually unique sales.

.... it will still be more than the 12 million figure which Xbox 1 has. It's not rocket science to know that there are more people on Xbox 360 than there are on Xbox 1. But that may change in a few years time. I joined Xbox late 2010 and I got the Slim 250gb console which is still going fine. Not all of us are long time Xbox members. For 360, the slim consoles are less prone to getting the RROD due to better ventilation and design of the model. I would think the E model is the same too. The E and Xbox 1 copy the same ventilation design as the Slim 360. Microsoft for sure learnt their lesson in not just punching tiny pin sized holes with two tiny fans on the rear and yeah we call that adequate ventilation. It's also why the Xbox 1 console is bigger than the slim SKU, it provides better air flow which means the hardware parts will run cooler.

I noticed at least 9 of my friends got Xbox 1 as soon as Halo MCC came out. One of my other friends got Xbox 1 too this week. If in doubt, compare how many people play Minecraft Xbox 360 version compared to Minecraft Xbox 1 version. But I do say the console is doing fairly well. It isn't even 2 years old yet (there are 24 months in 2 years) and to have reached 12 million I say it's doing OK. Considering the amount of negative feedback it received. But Microsoft has done well in creating an official feedback site. It's also a reason why Xbox 1 has received so many system Updates pretty much on a monthly bases. Xbox 1 missed sooo many features Xbox 360 had but now that list has considerably reduced. In my experience, system updates on Xbox 360 tend to only happen once every 6 months or so.

That's true, between me and the kids there's been 8 new 360's bought over the last 8-9 years. That's 5 I've had and 3between the kid's.

My post was in reply to Prof.

Still play both but spend much more time on my xbox one.

I sold my 360 the day before the X1 was released. I kept my PS3 though because I gave it to my son. He has all of his Minecraft stuff there so I couldn't sell it on him.

I don't miss the 360. I had so many years of fun with it. Now I'm enjoying the 1 way more. No looking back for me.


Hello "Undead on Fire"  :)

The only reason that I turn on my Xbox One now is to play Destiny and Killer Instinct season 2, my Xbox 360 is still my primary gaming console.

Have a nice day or afternoon or night "Undead on Fire"  :)

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