How many of you are using your 360 more than your One?

My Day One is just collecting dust.  There isn't one game out at the moment I am interested in.  I think MS should have made a better effort in making a blockbuster available at launch.  That and the stupid headset debacle just left a bad taste in my mouth.  I know it's just a matter of time untill we see Titanfall, Halo 5, Destiny and the damn headset adaptor, but waiting stinks.


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I can wait. Im still waiting for gtao heists.

Patience is a virtue. And the xbox one by far has the best launch lineup of any console released. And before launch you knew what games would be available so the lineup should not have been a surprise

I don't own a One and never will the One does not give me what I need and plan to buy PS4 which will give me what I want/ need.

It's about 50-50.  My main game is Call of Duty. As it stands now, COD is a better experience on the 360.  But I am playing Battlefield MP, Madden owner mode and  Assassins Creed 4 SP on the one currently.  I already beat Ryse, which was a great game.  I also have Dead Rising 3 and NBA 2K if I need to switch it up.  With Tomb Raider: The Definitive version and Call of Duty first DLC pack coming out i will have plenty to do for the next month and a half.  Then we have Titanfall, Metal Gear and Minecraft One coming out.  This will give me plenty to do until Watchdogs, The Crew, Destiny, Mad Max, Halo, The Division, The Witcher, The Evil Within and the next Call of Duty come out.  These games will overload us until Battlefront, Far Cry 4, Borderlands 3, Red Dead Redemption, RBI Baseball, The next Madden/NBA 2K/Forza/Battlefield/Assassins Creed/Call of Duty.

The only reason why I'm playing my 360 right now is because I'm waiting for my Xbox one games to come in the mail. Too bad i won't have my 360 soon. (Selling it to my aunt), passing on the awesomeness. ;P

Me...not much to play yet on 1....

From previous console launch titles, this has to be one of the better ones in recent memory.

There a bunch of decent games out right now, i'm sorry not one could be of interest to you.

I use my one for 4OD more than games, but I only have Forza and Battlefield, and I can't sit on one game for hours at a time... I have a 360 hooked up to my One, I can still play Skyrim, Halo, Madden and others on it, and do regularly!

Doesn't help a lot of the games are out on 360 too... at less than half the price...

Can I just ask why you all spent so much money knowing you wouldn't use it?

By the time any games come out that you'd like the console will be a lot cheaper.

By the time a catalogue of games comes out that's good enough for me, I'll be buying an X1 Slim!

I really don't understand why the ones who aren't using the console would buy it?

Wouldn't recommend selling your 360 to fund a XBOne as you might live to regret it rather sooner then later.

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