How long does it take MS to return system

I'm not going into details of why I'm so upset over my New Xbox1' but MS did send me a email saying they received my Xbox after it showed Fedex drop it off a Week Ago!!!!! So I'm Asking after they tell you they have it How long does it take for them to return it back to you???? Reply if you like to know the diff in Exchange your Xbox1 or Repair it...Trust me both have there BADS... I really should Not be hard on MS but I have been a big supporter of MS/xbox from day one.. Never looked back at Sony from the time I bought my reg xbox on day one, loved the reg xbox, 360, xbox1... Until you have you $500 plus system break... That's a lot of money for a working man..

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Hey, when my 360 rrod it took about 2-3 weeks to get it back.

It takes time to repair things and depending on the job it might take a while. Just be patient.

microsoft told me 2 t0 6 weeks

Depends on where you are & how busy they are i suppose.

I'm in the U.K. & we have to send our consoles to Germany for repair which took 7 days from me sending it to me getting a replacement.

Longest i had to wait was 6 weeks for one of my 360's & that was when consoles were repaired in the U.K.

Between 2 and 6 weeks from when they recieve the console.....   As stated on your ticket.......

I paid around $500 for special edition 360 consoles.... Just sayn.      Please contact phone support for an estimate on time or, review the repair ticket you were issued.  With shipping, it could take months.

You probably will not get the same console back,  depending on the issue........

Follow up with the repair using the information given by the repair request.......


They should let you know, try calling them. I would same the average is about 1 month.