How i got the xbox one

It started monday evening with my wife and 2 girls we went to go grocery shopping to get extra food for the big snow storm that was going to hit north carolina. So after we got the food the wife and kids sat in the car while i put up the food and we made a second trip to walmart to get more food snacks and some movies. After we got our food and snacks we head to eletronics to get some dvd movies, my 2 kids wanted to headphones for their ipad mins that they had got for xmas. I was at eletronics looking at the last xbox one console they had i really think nothing of it at that time. So 30 mins later we were ready to leave, we decided to check out in the electronics area, i heard my wife saying something to the walmart associate, how fast can you get the xbox one that one got the console in 40 sceonds i was shocked she bought for me for valentines day. When i came home put up the food and when to go set it up befor i do i pulled out my iphone and took pics and put it on facebook. I told my little brother i got mine wheres yours at lol. So tuesday evening comes i watching tv eating food and turn it to espn and see texas and okc state i called my little brother to see if he was watching the game since hes a long horns fan. We told me we wasnt at home. So he calls me an 1 hour later saying go on facebook now i said ok so i go and he posts a picture of his brand new xbox one console his wfie had bought him one also. We been talking about getting this console ever since last summer while i was in kansas visting my mom and dad. I wanted to share this story. I have call of duty ghosts and he has forza 5 cant wait until i get nba 2k14 so my la lakers can beat is okc thunder. i just wanted to share this story.


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Great story OP, that was really cool of your wife. Lol and too make the associate work for their sale... Classic!

Only thing I can say though is the text wall may stop people from reading this.

Awesome story man. when you get nba 2k14 friend me so we can play at the park :)

cool story...but wait another thread says x1 community is disappearing and no one wants x1....hmm guess not.  Welcome aboard.


That's a great story , wives are awesome. I wish I had a brother to game with.