How does Xbox Live on 360/Xbox One interconnect?

How much compatibility is there between Xbox live on 360 and Xbox One Xbox Live?

If I'm on 360, can I see what my friends doing on Xbox One, or would he/she appear offline until they sign back into 360 Xbox Live?

What about messaging? Voice chat?

How compatible are the two sets of Xbox Live besides my above mentioned questions? I can't find much info on this.


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I believe you will be able to see if your friends are online if your on Xbox One and them Xbox 360 ( and vice versa ) you won't be able to voice chat but you will be able to send one another txt messages.

A gamer on the 360 will be able to see friends when they are on the XB1, just like we could see people on the OX while playing the 360 back during its launch.

There will be no chatting or voice messages between the two, just text messaging.

Awesome, thanks for the help guys.