How do you hold the controller?

 This may seem like an idiotic question to most but I've been using xbox original and xbox 360 controllers for over 11 years now and this new one I PHYSICALLY cannot use. I'll just copy and paste my last reply to someone I saw on the forums saying the xbox one controller wasn't absolute crap.

How the hell do you hold the new controller? I literally cannot hold the damn thing for longer than 20 minutes because

my right ring finger and middle finger begin to cramp up as if I've been running a marathon and I have a cramp in my side. I stopped

playing 30 minutes ago and I still feel it in my finger. It's like I took a hammer and just smashed the crap out of my fingers. It's the most awkward thing

I've ever held. I don't even have all that big of hands but since the "aimstick" (the thumbstick on the right) is so far in the middle I cannot go at

it on an angle and use the middle of my thumb at the joint of it to move the damned thing unless I want to actually be able to play a game and give myself a

seizure from the frustration of spending $500 on something I can't even use because it's made for two year old girls.


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