How Do You Delete Installed Games On XBOX ONE?

I dont know if anyone has posted about this, but I can not find it anywhere. Any help would be appericated 

I don't know why they made the interface so user unfriendly. It wasn't like that at all with xbox 360 


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I think you go to My Games, pick the game, and hit the start button (or whatever it's called now).  That should bring up a menu.

go to my games and apps highlight the game you want to delete and press middle button old start button

thank you guys so much ;)

As others have said , goto my games and apps , highlight the 1 you want to get rid of and press the menu button , click uninstall.

Its not the middle button though ... its the right hand menu button closest to the x y b a buttons

Thank you, i pushed the middle button an nothing happen then i pushed the one you said and it worked, lol

thanks for answering ;)

i did say old start button

Thank you for this thread. :)

my question is a bit different, does xbox one delete games that you don't play after awhile, i have not played assassins creed black flag in just over a week, i just went and put the disk in and it is reinstalling all over again, well it has been for the last 30mins and is still at 0% what happened to the game ??? and if it did get wiped for some reason have i lost all my progress


Games should never delete on their own. I believe the game simply was installing a mandatory update/patch. Did you allow the game to fully install to 100% the first time you played it?