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Can someone please tell me how to post a link correctly on this site? I have no clue how to do so. I would like to share gaming info and sometimes the link is super long.

So if I have a long link, I can post something like READ HERE and the "read here" would be the link.


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I too would like to know how to do that. So if any of you know how.. Please share it!

Use the 'use rich formatting' option, it will bring up an editor. In the editor type your link like then use the html button to edit the html of the anchor tag to shorten the text in the tag to what you want like: shorter

so <a href=""></a> becomes <a href="">shorter</a>

Why go to HTML at all Necroscope? First way is easy. Just type the URL in the quick reply box and it will be made clickable when you post your reply

If you are creating a thread then type some text, LINK for example, highlight it and then click on the little chainlink icon (the one between Paste from Word and Insert Table). In the little box that pops up type your URL in the Link URL box and hit Insert. LINK.

No need to make things more complicated than they need to be.