How do I return my Xbox One?

I bought an Xbox One after being a satisfied Xbox and Xbox 360 user. I had a launch day Xbox 360, but had to wait a few months for the One this time around due to finances. I bought the Xbox One about 24 days ago. There is only a 14 day return policy. Am I stuck with it?

It is horrible. The Kinect barely recognizes anybody or recognizes the wrong people. We have good lighting.
The apps multple times do not work. I click on buttons and the buttons do nothing. I have to reset the Xbox multple times.
Xbox has built a beautiful interface with the Xbox 360. Great functionality and easy to use. I have no idea what they did with Xbox One. I mean, In click on friends, what is this feed thing? What are we going back to the days of RSS? Where are the cool avatars showing me their statuses and what they are doing?
Messages, why are there only text? Why can't I send audio and/or video? I can do it on Xbox 360... Why are we going backwards with functionality when in reality we should be going forward. Ok, maybe its because MS wants us to use Skype? Well I'm not giving weirdos from Xbox Live my email address. Bake the service in as the message delivery service if that is how you want video and pic and voice messages sent. 

Xbox One, I think you are losing me. I, for the first time since the original Playstation, think I may go get a PS4. I feel like this $500 console is a beta product. BTW, I'm a tech geek and love beta products, I even own me a pair of Google Glass. This product however was sold to me as a final product and it is not. The Xbox 360 has more apps and functionality than the Xbox One right now. Yes, Kinect may be more advanced, but I'm looking at this as far as the interface and usability goes. 

Sorry Xbox. 

How do I return this? I feel like I have wasted $500 and am very disappointed.


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In exactly 2 months since my first, I am now on my 4th XB1 after some awful advanced exchange experiences, however I think you are slightly overreacting here.

A GUI update is coming in a couple of weeks which addresses functionality improvements to things like the friends section, recent players, party chat etc. In time, features will be added, ***, until a week ago we couldn't even see a controller battery indicator. This is still basically a 'beta' product and that's what you accept buying a new console at launch. The XB1 has a lot of room to grow, but it needs time.

It's no rosier with a PS4, you can't even stream your music and videos from your PC to it at the moment, which is something the PS3 did so well, at least you can do that with an XB1. The XB1 is silent, you can't hear a peep out of it unless you put your ear on it, tell that to a PS4. Each has apps the other doesn't at this time, but eventually they'll both have them. As of right now,  most people would argue the XB1 has the far superior game lineup and will have this advantage all year.

I have also spent a lot of time wondering if I made a mistake buying the XB1, especially through this bizarre ordeal I have experienced with Microsoft shipping me refurbished (And still faulty!!!) advanced exchange replacement consoles, but at the end of the day I loved my 360 and never even thought of getting a PS4, ALL of my friends had 360's and have switched to XB1's or intend to this year, I prefer the feel of the controller and I prefer the exclusive games. Sure, there are drawbacks right now, the missing features, the lower game resolutions, the missing apps (I NEED NBA Gametime!!!)

But the updates are coming and so are the better games! Just think what your 360 could do in 2013 compared to 2006, it will get better, a lot better.

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