How do I get surround sound to work with my Xbox 360?

Hello, Basically I want to keep this short and sweet.


I have surround sound and I want it too play game sounds through it. I have a HD TV with 2 HD Ports. The Surround sound DVD player has 1 HDMI OUT Port.


I have seen a Audio Connecter or something on Ebay. But I dont want to buy anything if it wont work. Anything else you want to know to help me solve this problem, Just ask! I will try to answer it best I can.




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If you have surround sound you most likely have a receiver with multiple inputs. There is no need to have more than one HDMI out from the receiver (I'm assuming the receiver is also a DVD or Blu-Ray player in this instance) since you're only going to one TV. Put all your inputs into the receiver, one out to the TV. In the modern day, you shouldn't need more than one cord going to your TV. All inputs into a single receiver, one HDMI to the TV.


So I dont need to by a RCA Adapter for the Red and White Leads to plug into from the DVD Player? Then the HDMI Lead from the Xbox 360 to the TV.

How you need to connect things depend on what inputs are on your home theater system. If you can provide more detailed information on what home theater system and TV you have, it will be easier to determine the best solution.