How do I get Microsoft to own up to its mistakes?

I just went through 5 support techs to get my defective Day One Xbox One replaced. It started with the first tech creating an incorrect service order and telling me I would get a replacement unit within 24-48 hours. After 3 days, the second tech told me it was more like 3-4 business days. After a week, the third tech told me that due to the launch and the holiday season that I could not be given a time frame - basically, just wait patently. After more than 2 weeks, a 4th tech (through chat) told me that the original service request was done wrong but it could not be resolved over chat. A call to the 5th tech got the first service request canceled and a new one created.

After over two weeks and multiple techs basically ignoring me (telling me to just wait while there was an obvious problem with the order) what can Microsoft do for me? I got one month of free Xbox Live Gold. What is that worth on retail? Less than $10. What is that worth to Microsoft? Nothing. Does this mean Microsoft feels my time is worth nothing? It sure feels like it. 

What can I do to get Microsoft to own up to its horrible customer service and actually give me something for my wasted time?


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got to love big business

There is nothing you can do but try to work with them. Short of going down to the redmond office, storming in the front door wielding a machete (which I do NOT recommend), they are not going to give you any more attention than any other customer. You just need to be patient and work with them as best as possible to get the replacement on the way. I am sorry to hear about your troubles.

/There are a lot of people that need replacement consoles, but they can't get them to everyone in time. It sucks that you had issues with your console, but I don't think there is a lot they can do for you atm.

Let me clarify - the issue with my console is not the problem and I understand the first tech made a mistake. Microsoft may have a quality control issue but my console will be fixed/replaced. My issue is that the next two techs not only gave me incorrect information (extending my wait time to over 2 weeks) but may have even ignored the actual problem with my SR. The fifth tech (the one that corrected the first one) actually admitted that it appears the second and third techs may have seen the problem and ignored it.  

Have you ever read the terms of service for Xbox Live? Basically, they can do whatever they want and you can't do anything about it.

Did you buy your console from Microsoft?

I've been dealing with them since launch day. Sorry for the huge essay but I figured I'd show you that you aren't the one with the worst problems, take the time to read this and hear me out. I ordered my system direct from Microsoft on 6/21/13 and received it Day One. I was playing for a few hours and left to get some dinner and upon return my Kinect was bricked. Called support and didn't get through after 2 hours on hold and I had to work the next day so I hung up. I called back on Saturday and waited on hold for 7 HOURS until somebody finally answered. I explained my situation and they said they'd set up an Advanced Exchange for the system because "the Kinect isn't sold separately so we cannot send out just a Kinect". They placed a hold on my account for $534.38, the cost of the whole system. A few days later my disc drive started acting up. It started grinding and not loading discs intermittently. I called them up to verify that I was going to be receiving the whole console due to the recent development. They said it was a whole new Day One bundle. I finally received an email about 3 days later saying that it shipped. Looking at the tracking information, it showed the package to be 5 pounds. The Xbox One retail bundle is 16 pounds. So I called again and asked if they could check for what I was supposed to be receiving. They said that it was the whole console despite the shipping information showing that it clearly was not the console based on weight/dimensions. He said to leave it packaged if it was just the Kinect and to call back immediately if all I got was the Kinect. He also said he would call me back to make sure everything was right. I received the Kinect sensor on Friday and waited for him to call. Never got a call so I called Microsoft back. They had no record that I had ever talked to the guy on Thursday despite having the Service Request number he gave me! So the lady I spoke on Friday she was going to escalate me to Tier 3 and that I would receive an email within 3 days. I got a call back Sunday from the lady I spoke to saying she never set up the escalation because she wanted to make sure I hadn't received the system yet, even though she said she escalated it on Friday. So I waited till Wednesday and called back, and got no answer. Then yesterday after almost 2 weeks of dealing with them I finally got an email from Tier 3 saying they were gonna straighten this out. He stated the reason that I received the Kinect only was because they entered the serial number off the Kinect and not the console. He said to send back the defective Kinect sensor despite the other rep telling me to send back the new replacement sensor. So now I'm awaiting the confirmation that the defective one made it back, and then they're supposedly sending me a new system, and compensating me for the 20 hours I have been on hold/talking with them. So its not just you, but if you're persistent they will listen.

I can't believe you ended that ^^^ with "but if you're persistent they will listen"!! I would have put money on it that the last sentence would have "and I'm in jail now"

That sux bro.

I wasn't speaking in terms of Microsoft listening in general, but at the very least their service people. I'm told I'm being compensated, but quite frankly I don't care about that. I just want a completely working system. I'll take what they're giving though.

Your going to laugh but it a online report to the Better Business Burea-some one from corporate will call you . I have had to do 5 times in the past, they wont admit fault but the person will do what they can. That was 3 years ago, but I dought that has changed, I think as a corporation microsoft support is a little more serious about helping.