how do I eject xbox one games

Look how do I  eject the game via on xbox one dashboard? 


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Been searching around and there doesn't seem to be any way to eject the disc other than the button (or the eject hole on the side).  Perhaps that will be something they implement in the future.

I dont understand why you want something on the Dash to tell it to eject. If your ejecting your going to have to remove the disc from the console, or it will suck it back in after a while. It's not like the tray on the 360.

I. Noticed the same thing. And I understand what u mean. On the 360 you're able to press x to eject the disk, I spent a good 10 minutes searching for the option and there seems to be none, the only way is to press the eject button, hopefully they fi this isssue. After doing it for years you become use to this habit.

I also dont care for the way u need to look up Achievements while in game to check what u need or need to was so simple on the 360, just press the guide button.unless iam over looking something? I only just started to mess around with my new Xbox1 yesterday and I had it since launch, just haven't had time to play.

Well iam sure Microsoft will be fixing and cleaning things up with the dash in is all new so it's gonna take a little time to get used too...