How do I download a user manual on my computer for Ryse: Son of Rome?

How do I download a user manual on my computer for Ryse: Son of Rome?

Yes I already know there is a crappy built-in help system that takes 10 seconds to load every time I want to look at it. No, I don't want to use it. It is terrible, sorry, you did a horrible job with it. You should have made XBOX Smart Glass be able to show the manual or something useful.

Look I just want a good old fashioned printed manual. Why they are not including manuals anymore is beyond me.

But I'll be happy if I can get a manual that's a PDF so I can print it out. A web page would do as well. Thanks.


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I,ll Second this request myself. As a very longtime consumer of Xbox games, I have always kept a copy of the user manual for every game that I ever bought but for the last few years it has become very hard to do since they don't seem to be provided any more. Why that is I really don't know especially here in Québec there is a law that states that any location selling a new game with the manual must have a french version of the manual included with the game. At one point I had located a web site that had all the manuals available but I seem to have lost the web address after having my computer formatted.

So if there is a known address for the end user to get a copy of the manual please let us know what that is.

I think this would be a nice idea, but not often used, which also means that it's probably not worth it for MS to implement. Still, you can always grab a pencil and paper & write down everything from the help menu... :P

I think they're generally left out now due to cost reduction and the fact that they are rarely used after being replaced with in game tutorials. They used to be generally quite interesting to read sometimes but most now are just one page with a controller map.

some games like Halo Wars I would of been lost without a manual and it was cool to have in game art and a story layout of the situation.  They just need to bring the old manuals in digital form and quit being cheap with it.  Some games do..but all games should have more then just controller layouts.  


I agree too. Even if only for the accessibility of not having to wait 10 seconds too. I miss manuals :( I used to read them in the bath.

I used to read them on the way home or on the john...

Lmao. Well I am glad we can be as open as this with each other. You can buy me dinner and take me to a movie before we read manuals together though princess. Just to put that there ;)

Joking of course.

Seriously though, is saving the materials the only reason manuals are less frequent now? They went from big thick books, to 2 page manuals, to a sheet of paper :/

Also Prima and others provide a sort-of manual to games now too. If the game producers can eliminate the manuals letting another company fill the void makes good business sense.