How do I add money to my Xbox account?

I want to know how to put money on my account. I currently have £3.40 on there, and want to add £11.60 so I can sign up to Xbox Live for three months, and use that £3.40 as part of it. My card details are all up to date. A straight link to where I can do this would be much appreciated.

I'm not sure if this is the right place for this post, apologies if it isn't.

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You can not buy gold time using your account balance.

You need to buy gold time either with a credit card or a pre-paid subscription card bought at a retailer.

OWEN is correct (thanks dude).

It would be nice to be able to top up membership using the account balance but unfortunately you cannot.

Thank you both for your help.

You know, I originally had to buy some points, as I wanted the Red Dead Redemption extra content (in hindsight I should really have bought the game of the year edition). So I dutifully entered my card details, bought the content and had 400 or so points left over. Then I was informed that the points system was ending, and that my points were being converted back to money (the money I had used to buy them in the first place). Now I apparently only have a set amount of time to use My Money, before it disappears forever.

I have used a Windows-based PC for eighteen years now, and I have at absolute best a love hate relationship with Microsoft (at absolute best). Their optical USB trackball is a great bit of kit (I have been using the same one for sixteen years now), so obviously they chose to discontinue it.

Anyway, I am rambling and in danger of ranting. Again, thank you.

Only the money that was converted has an expiry date, any credits you add after the conversion do not expire.

Thank you for the response.

Again, OWEN is on the ball and is correct. Only the converted money will expire, not any credit you added after that. Don't worry about the ranting, that's all I ever do. I'm fluent in rant-language :P

Hope you stick around buddy, these forums are an awesome place to meet new folks.

If you have any problems, you are more than free to send me a PM.

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P.s. Red Dead. EPIC game!