How Can "X Men: Destiny" Be So Bad???

Sillicon Knights!


The guys who brought us "Eternal Darkness", probably one of the greatest games ever made!


"Too Human" was pretty good but got hammered because the CEO of Sillicon Knights shot his mouth off about it being the greatest video game ever created since the dawn of time so to a degree that was self inflicted.


"X Men: Destin" looks terrible.  The reviews coming in say combat is repetative and dull.


How could a studio that put together a masterpiece like "Eternal Darkness" create such a bad game?


(Still, if you buy "XMen Destiny at full price at Tesco you can get "FIFA '12" for £ 25.00... so if you then sold "X Men Destiny" really quick... but from what I've seen that's the only way this game is going to do any good in the world.




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Read this online yesterday..and clearly the answer is yes.....not seen a positive thing said about the game anywhere, even people who are linked to Marvel on Twitter yesterday were passing around bad reviews of this so called game

fifa games are usually £25 in tesco anyway without any offers

[quote user="THEOWENKILLER"]

fifa games are usually £25 in tesco anyway without any offers



Be that as it may Tesco's ad in the paper says "FIFA '12" for £ 25.00 when bought with any other recent release at full price.


Shame about X Men.



- Well you have 3 sterotypical cra**y designed main characters to choose from. Not even a character creation which is insane. If you are going to create a game where your are introducing new characters into a vast world such as x-ment you should let the player create there own character or at least use one of the exisiting charcters.

- A leveling up system that just doesn't fi in with the x-men lore/world.

- The combat looks look uneventfull and something from the days of ps one/n64.

- As for graphics i never really judge a game on appearance. I'm the old generation of gamers where gameplay matters.