How can I track what games I played on the original xbox?

Is there a way that I can see what games I played on the original Xbox? 

I know tracking games started with the 360, with chvs and gamerscore. But Xbox Live started on the Xbox (even if there wasn't chvs and score). Is there data somewhere that shows the games I played?

I'm simply interested in my gaming past.




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I don't think so I know you could check your halo 2 stats on but I think they removed that some time ago. But I don't think there is a way of checking what games you played.

unfortunatly they discontinued the servers for orignal xbox, so  unfortunatly the gamer scores and achivements are not there for it and neither is any data for your games from orignal xbox, sorry, this would of been cool though,

hope this helps,


@Downing87 the original xbox didn't have acheivements so no gamerscore

ok KALEEF i will rephrase that then to you can not get your game scores then, they had online ranks/scores