So I have this picture saved of my family set as my backround ( or Theme as Xbox calls it ) and I set it as this a LONG time ago, probably over 2 years ago...  I had switched it to something else for quite awhile but recently came across it again and switched it back on accident, as it is saved as a theme on my Xbox 360 hard drive somewhere or another...  I realllly like this picture that I converted to a theme but have no back up of it anywhere else.  So what I'm asking is there SOME way to get that picture back???  Like transfer it back from my XBOX to my CPU or a flash drive or something????  I dont even recall how I got it on there to begin with (although Im thinking I transfered it straight off my Blackberry to the Xbox 360) so I have NO clue where to start!   Thanks for any help someone could hook me up with!!!


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Yes, you can simply use a USB Flash Drive with a jpg. File of the Picture as use it as a Theme again at any time. That is provided you have a File already on your PC (or other Device). If it's not on your Xbox 360 HDD or any PC, well then sorry but you're out of luck.


He's asking if it can be transferred back to the PC, which is no.