How Can I Get in?

I want to be in the Xbox Preview Program but I havent been able to get in.

This should really be in beta for the entire community, not just selected people. Also this inviting only thing is making people charge people to get invited. It really should be for the entire community. I dont get why it isnt...

I really wish I could get it cause it would be really nice to play my 360 games again..


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It is for the community however you have to remember getting invited doesnt garentee you will get accepted

Trying to charge for invites is a clear violation of the nda and terms and conditions of the beta

You have to remember that it is a vlosed beta

It isnt meant for the public

If an bug occurs and kills 10k consoles in the beta its best thst it be 10k then lets say 1m or 10m

The beta is to test new features

You can try and get in without am invitewith the console preview registration app

But like the invite proccess it doesnt garentee you will get in

It just puts you on the waiting list or disapprove you if you dont meet the critieria

If you see anyone charging then report the gamertag you would be best to post in the sticky at the top of this forum as thats the invite thread

The person who is charging would have to post their gamertag since invites can only br sent vis friends lkst