How am I going to connect my Xbox One to Logitech Z523 2.1 Speakers?

Hey guys.

Before it was pretty simple to do with my Xbox 360, but upon viewing the I/O on the Xbox One, there is only an Optical Out port at the back.

What will I need to do to connect my Xbox One to my Logitech 2523 speakers? A particular cable/adapter/converter?

I can't run it through my monitor as the monitor does not have any built in sound.

Thanks in advance!


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You'll have to get an optical to RCA converter or find a cord that has optical at one end and RCA at the other, if it exist.

I'm not sure if this would work. But if not look around on the website.

Get a digital to analog converter.  Fiio makes some either amplified(for headphone use) or unamplified(external amp, probably what your speakers are.  Something like this

Thanks for the replies everyone, appreciate the help! :)