How about a Xbox Live Mega Sale?

After the bragging and giving hard facts about the Steam sales producing more money than when the games we normally full price, gabe newell has made almost every gamer wait and squirm for his steam sales. The vast library of games and the incredible deals that go throughout it(deals of the day, combo pricing deals, top sales deal) I began to wonder why xbox live with their just as vast library of games does not compete with this by also having the massive blockbuster sales.  I would pine over the chance to see some of these xbox live games go on sale instead of having to play them on pc.   To be able to purchase games for my friends that I find amazing and have awesome co-op/online features to slay dragons and crash dungeons with them would be spectacular.  So my honest feedback is why hasn't microsoft/Xbox even thought about or have implemented this amazing idea and began to make tons and tons of money from sales.  Check the statistics about what Gabe has reported on his sales for these games.  Some have risen 3000%, I hope this doesn't fall on deaf ears and has a strong enough movement to get something started.

I hope that the community would be generally interested in the xbox library going on mega sales just like its competitors; it makes absolutely no sense as to why it shouldn't be happening. 


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