Horizontal Or Vertical?

So I have my Xbox 360S laying down, so it's horizontal. Does anyone else do this as well? I've seen a lot of gaming setups that have the console standing up. One of the videos had the console mounted on the wall...(He's screwed if an earthquake happens, LOL.)


I think having it horizontal is 'safer' because if it tips over....it's probably the end of the world for some of us. How do you guys & gals have your console?


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What? Again?

Horizontal, I had a few scratched games from it being moved when I kept it in the vertical position. (Happened years ago)

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I tend to always keep my consoles laying flat (when there's a choice). It is generally safer, and in my set-up works better because they sit amongst standard A/V gear. That said, I currently have my 360 S standing, only because I have it in a Calibur Vault. It is extremely stable with a wide footprint. It is also raised up slightly, to increase airflow.

I have always had my Xbox's flat, so they don't tip over or get knocked and the disc's scratched.

Horizontal is generally safer. Especially in my house, which shakes my room when the washing machine is doing its thing. I don't want it to tip over accidentally, so I keep it flat. It is, of course, designed to work fine in both stances though.