Hooking Up Xbox 360 To Computer Monitor

Can someone tell me the cheapest way to hook up my xbox 360 to my lcd computer monitor? Assuming i don't have any of the right equipment what do i need?


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ok so i see where the monitor would be plugged in and the xbox but where would the red and other wire plug into?

You can also source those VGA cables from eBay slightly cheaper.  If your monitor has an HDMI input, I would go that route.  They can be had on either Amazon or eBay for around $1.50.

Is the picture crisper on a computer monitor than a led tv or lcd hdtv?

I ordered the Microsoft VGA Cable that plugs into the Monitor and xbox 360 it also has the red & white rca wires... then comes with a small adapter that switches into 1 output in can plug into my speakers. $40 spent.

yeah I use an hdmi cable

the 360 vga is great and it comes with sound but if your monitor has dvi port get a dvi-hdmi adapter

$40? Ouch.