Honest Hearts and the general state for F:NV

So this is out today and I'm interested in picking it up....


however... is the "game breaking " patch still active on the 360 and needs to be declined?


Anyone know if this has been fixed?


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Really? I'm on my third playthrough which I started when a patch was released. It is all good at the moment, I'm on Dead Money and having no real problems except for the cliche system crash. If you reload your autosaves you should not really lose much of your playing time.

oh i've not got it yet..i read that bethesda have said to decline the patch as it corrupts save games and makes the game unplayable...again!

I'm 40 hours in, lost 6 hours of gameplay due to a crash so was just worried about losing more, especially if i pay for the DLC

I've downloaded the new patch and it is not to bad. What problems are you facing?