Hogging Gamertags

I have been trying to get the Gamertag: Nissan since 2009! The account has no rep no gamerscore it has nothing on the account! Why Hog a name when you don't even get online? This up sets me because I'm a diehard Nissan fan and would love to get the actual name not a fake or other the actual name and I can't even get it. i tried contacting Microsoft.  Please someone help me get the name and put a stop to these hoggings!


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Yeah I have that same problem nothing anybody can do about it though.

I'm sick of it It! Microsoft can't and won't do anything about. Very uphappy customer at the moment. I almost want to Start a #StopHoggingGamertags All over there page and see if it could get there attention

oh lord

Hello Please Change,   Interesting alternative choice to the handle you wanted.....  Much like any other account name being used.... A name change will cost  $10.00.  May I ask you to do what your name implies???   I know another Nissan that is more deserving IMO.....  Datsun maybe availible!!!!!   GOOD LUCK!!!!

Thanks man! That name is also taken :/

Another account with no rep no gamerscore, nothing! This is very upsetting.

Gamertags are used on other services,not just xbox live so it may still be being used.

It's possible someone is using it on another service, just because there is no Gamerscore does not mean it isn't being used. Either way, MS stopped freeing up old tags years ago because people were abusing the system and selling the original tags. Sad to say, but you will likely never get that tag.

Unfortunately there's nothing they can do about it. If they shut down the account, they can be liable for lawsuits for having an account shut down that was opened legally and violated none of their terms of agreement.

The only way they can do this, is if they modify the terms of agreement. This can be expensive, and they would much rather say "just pick a different name."