HMV's pricing has gone mental!

Their new releases, inclduing this, are £47!

I guess they really like losing customers.


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I worked at HMV and even I wouldn't spend a penny in there.

I never use HMV for games now, mind you they have some good deals of blu rays more often than not :-)

The HMV in my town always charged RRP for everything, even their used games were more expensive than other shops were selling new.

It shut down about 4 months ago.

I noticed with BF4 it was quite expensive in shops too, I think GAME were asking £45 and even Tesco wanted £42. I wonder whether its something to do with titles being offered in this trade up to next gen versions for £10

Not unusual or the first time HMV have gone to full RRP for video games, other retailers, as above, do it as well on certain big selling titles.


They happen to sell more then video games, and the current state of their business means they need to maximise sales anywhere they get.


Wise customers and gamers know where to get the best deals

Their prices were never ever this bad. Their new stuff was always the same as Game (not great but about the average RRP). This is a crazy price hike, particularly when even Game, next door on the high street, are a couple of quid cheaper.

Whoever they get their stock from is doing them over.

HMV set their own prices, they buy stock the same as everyone else and again, its not new, might just be your local store following corporate pricing structure.


Never known HMV to do anything but stick to RRP when it comes to new games.

I laughed at their Ghosts price this afternoon too!