Hitman won't be a complete game at launch



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Expect a lot more of this.

This is the door that "Early Access" on Steam and now "Game Preview" on the One has opened. Developers no longer need to finish games and people will buy them.

I see this becoming the norm unless we all complain about it. I'm no longwr looking forward to this game. We can thank Telltale for this.


Oh great, now IO Interactive is starting to become greedy, I know that's business, but the customers are what keep them going the most. I guess most game developers nowadays care more about the money than their loyal fanbase.

Looks like I'm not buying this new Hitman game until next year when it's complete, it might be a little cheaper by then too.

How is this Telltale's fault?

Releasing episodic games is different from releasing unfinished games.

Go over to Steam and browse their game library. The number of Early Access games is mind boggling.

What started as a way for gamers to fund indie developers and take part in the development process has turned into maybe the worst thing to ever happen to PC gaming. And it's coming to a One near you.

It's a shame too. There are some good developers that finish what they start...Red Solstice by Ironward is a perfect example of this. It went retail yesterday with a finished game that listened to the  community from the start unfortunately they are no longer the norm.

Unbelievable.  Releasing this is not acceptable.  Seriously, just release games as a finished product.

You would not put a plane in the air and add more parts in flight.  (Or in AC case, patch it on the go)  

You would not serve food half cooked.  

You would not release a movie without the touch ups to cover wires and green screens.  


I'm sure plenty of developers watched the release of Elite Dangerous here to see the reception it would get on the console.

Every Xbox forum had a thread warning of the pay to play beta trend and the impact it will have (even the specifics with ED on the PC) but rather than people getting upset they bought the game. The "Me, Me, Me" generation and their need to fill their immediate wants is a formable opponent to those of us looking at the big picture and it's overall impact on gaming.

Simple, Just dont buy it. Every year this craptastic industry pushes more and more and more and more, little at a time here and there and there. Mark my words gentleman/ladies pay for patch/updates its right around the corner. I dont know about you guys but I am reaching the point of selling all my *** and finding a new hobby.

This patehtic criminal industry is a prime example of cart before horse. They want everything now and barely give us anything alter. I will not be part of this crap! ever!

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