Hitman Absolution "Streets of Hope" gameplay trailer

New Hitman Absolution trailer out today, showing 20 minutes of gameplay. Looks brilliant and like a true hitman game.




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As ever, the graphics are amazing but I'm still worried about how this one will turn out. I hope the points system can be disabled.


I didn't watch all of it but if you stop it at 4:06 you can see they have an EXP-based system of unlocking new abilities. It's not something that I look for in a Hitman game tbh.

I just watched all of that video and the first thing you notice is how stunning it looks.


I know it's early days yet and I guess I'm being 'picky' I won't post any spoilers for those who don't want to watch the video but there's one point where you cause a BIG explosion, you walk calmly away but a certain part you walk right next to a police officer who you can see from the video is looking at you but doesn't do anything, doesn't even say anything, which is kind of odd as a massive explosion as just gone off and some nasty looking bald guy just calmly walks past, like I said, probably me just being picky.


Overall though it looks stunning, plenty of scope to play missions in a variety of ways, really cannot wait for this, roll on November 20th I say.