High end headsets, confused! Astros vs turtle beach.

i bought a lovely new set of turtle beach 800x last week. They have a slight issue where when noise cancelling is on I can hear a humming, and the right ear I can hear something moving. It's very off putting! Also noise cancelling doesn't seem to do anything, except take my voice out of the speakers when chatting is that correct?

im thinking of returning them because of this  (turtle beach have not responded to my email about the issue)

also slight issues are they are slightly uncomfortable after a few hours, and I think yesterday the battery only lasted around 4 hours, but I'll have to retry that today.

although I'm complaining I am impressed by them except the strange noise, and turtle beach's slow response to the issue. Good upgrade from my 420x.

im thinking of trading them in and getting Astros. They seem to get better reviews. I can't work out which ones work with XB1 and which is the best option! I have a new style controller with 3.5mm jack.

so can I buy any A50s and have them wireless except the chat cable? Is the chat cable 2.5mm, so I'll need an adaptor to 3.5mm?

i don't mind the thought of wired A40s, as long as the cable are replaceable? And I don't understand the different models, and what the 'mix amp' does.

and help appreciated.


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