Hi guys I have a question?

I have the slim and a old 120gb or whatever I wanna know if I can put my gamertag on both of them cuz I want to put the 120gb in my bedroom and as we know the slim doesnt have the remove harddrive 

So does anyone know if thats ok?


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The best and quickest way for you to keep moving your profile is to put it on a USB flashdrive and just move that to which ever console you would like to use. Hope this helps.

So thats the only way I just cant have my gamertag on both of my xboxs at a time

Yes you can have your profile on both Xbox's by recovering it on both of them. But you will need to recover it each time you move console before you can use your profile.

what does that take again about 5mins or so??

Depending on size of your profile it can do yes. But by having your profile on a USB flashdrive you can just move it between consoles instantly.

Ok thankks DeT CHIPPER for everythign

No problem, Hope this helps :)

I read the title of this thread and thought. "I don't know, do you?"