Hi all- What to buy??

Hello all hope you are well,

My how things have changed on the forums as in the new make over !!. Its taken along time for me to try an find this forum of which all the people I used to post on are on together. The good old days-the F1 2010 thread etc. I think it will take some time to try and get use to the new lay out etc as i am that computer geek.

Anyway I am due to return back for R&R after playing in the sand/being away for six months and having had some xbox mags sent out to me from my brother I am thinking of getting the following games-

1. Operation flashpoint Red River-I enjoyed the dragon rising.

2.Shift 2

3.Test drive unlimited 2

4.LA Noir ( I think thats how you spell it)

5.Bulletstorm- I was gutted i was away for the gears 3 beta


I was hoping to get some advice from you gamers of the above and to recommend some more choices.  I enjoy online gaming so thats an added bonus if the game has it. As you can see its a varied list of games as i love all types.I am also looking forward to Gears 3, Ghost recon 3?,Battlefield 3, (my word alot of 3s are coming out lol) and Fifa.  Hopefully I will be having a busy R&R mashing the xbox!!!!

Thanks for any advice given and its good to be able to get back online and speak to you all.


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Welcome back :)  This place is sadly not what it used to be.

Out of the games you listed I have played a few so I will give you some quick opinions of them.

Shift 2 - Not bad but the physics are a little iffy especailly with a wheel. Good adrenalin racer though.

TDU 2 - I would avoid - was horribly broken on release and from what I gather they haven't done a lot to help things still.

L.A Noir - Good game imo, can get a tad repetitive but the story is good and it's a little different gameplay style from most.

Homefront - Shockingly short SP. The MP was OK imo but isn't anything groundbraking, probably better sticking to either BFBC2 or Blops.

I'm considering Flashpoint myself at the mo becasue it's only about £15, I've heard it's better than Dragon which I also enjoyed. As far as I'm aware there is no mp just co-op drop in drop out.

Now onto new releases due. I would say BF3 will be worth the wait, I was lucky enough to get an Alpha invite and it's safe to say if you liked BFBC2 then you will like BF3, can't really say much else due to NDA,sorry.

I would say if you are after a racer then your probably better waiting for Forza 4 but if you are desperate in the meantime maybe give Dirt 3 a go - it's a good fun racer and can be found for about £20ish.

Also if you are after something a little different grab Portal 2 - proabably my Game of the Year so far.

Crysis 2... Just thought I'd put that out there ;)

Guardian Heroes XBLA

when it comes out :)

Homefront is very short but the MP is supposed to be fun & LA Noire might be worth renting unless you find it dirt cheap which shouldnt be a problem now the last DLC is out & the game as zero replay value.