hi all , got my xbox one

Hi ppl , just got my shiny xbox one today , its a little bit of a learning curve , installed my only two games , bf4 and ghosts lol , and have spent some time downloading the speech tutorial and netflix etc.

Starting to get the hang of it , must say  like it a lot , ive been a long time sony fan , i gues as ive changed my gaming habits and preferences have changed , i like to use the mic and find it a bit more vocal on xbox live so a couple months back when i decided i wanted the one i swapped my ps3 for a 360.

When i first saw the one , i liked the prospect of hdmi for tv integration , like the smart match on game matches (automatically looks to get me into english speaking matches and i must say even in the few short matches ive had tonight i def notice the dif , kinects way more sensative than i was expecting , thought it didnt want to play to start with but im a bit loud when i speak , with the help of the voice tutorial i no what level to talk at and it works flawlwssly so far, installing of the games is a bit of a marathon but knew about this before purchasing so no gripe , i have found when watching sky on the hdmi input the picture looks slightly "washed out" not quite as clear as when direct into tv , not sure if i can do anything on settings to help this but il have a play maybe itl get better in future but for now ive left the sky box directly into tv.

overall im a happy bunny , bbf4 looks so much clearer now , always found the mp to be sslightly grainy on the ps3 and 360 with bf , not so now and 64 player matches , nice.

Big thumbs up from me for the XBOX ONE

im a 39 yr old gamer and any sensible adults , pref male , feel free to mention here with ur gt or follow me on the one and il follow back = friends


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Conga Rats bro. Follow me if you wish. 

Welcome, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Welcome to the family :)

Hey man. Glad to hear you're enjoying the system. What part of the world you from? I'm in New Zealand so if that works for you time zone wise feel free to add me.

I play BF4, Forza, Ryse, DR3 and Killer Instinct :-)

Anyway enjoy your Xbox experience buddy!!

Congrats on your new purchase!  Feel free to follow me and I'll follow you back.  

Welcome to the Future.

Congrats on your purchase. Please, take the time to look at the Xbox One Support forum if your experiencing any issues. That way, when you post something here, you don't have to get screamed at that its already been a post made. (Just a bit of warning.)