Hey You. Well... if you've got "Saints Row IV" that is.

That's right I'm talking to you!


Well... if you've got "Saints Row IV" that is.


"Enter The ****" came out this week so if you happened to pick up the Season Pass then you might want to give Steelport a visit (Season Pass users pick it up in game, NOT on the Marketplace or you get charged a 2nd time - they warn you).


Starts off a little disjointed as they make the transition from Zinyak to the **** storyline but seems to find it's stride after that.


Between the Furries, Gimp Suits, **** Clubs and Pony Races I haven't laughed as much since I unlocked 'Mistress' in "Rumble Roses XX" (honestly if you never played it Google "Rumble Roses XX - Mistress Intro").




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Saints Row IV is one of the worst games i have played for a while...

The game was ok, was great if you were a fan of Saints 3 and especially if you know the series then this DLC really stands out and takes you on a nice trip down memory lane.


Best played in co-op both game and DLC for me

It adds some fun guns, vehicles and suits to the mix though by the time you're looking at the DLC your character is faster than a speeding bullet and able to leap buildings in a single bound.


Though who would have thought it was so much fun in PVC?