hey xbox! a gamers input about the one! (themes mostly)

Okay, here is my sin counter for you guys, if you fix the most the issues i have with the X1, i'll be 90%/100 on getting an xbox one next year (or when funds allow).

SINS! (or otherwise known, your mess ups)

Sin 1)  Windows 8, i hate it, the world hates it, the only people who like it, are xbox fanboys (i love windows 7, but what did you do with 8? seriously! did you even ask more then 200 gamers, for input? or just one or 2, or any!? i dont like it! either take 8 off there (yeah, you can, its called an update)

SIN 2)  No customizable backgrounds! simple, i dont like it. but i'm sure its just away for you to bleed us for as much as you can and make us buy them.

youve done good listening to the fan, but at this point, i dont like it, it seemed sneaky of you to not let us have imput in the dashboard.


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no i honestly dont think they did any marketing research, and if they paid a marketing research team they should be fired and brought up on fraud charges for accepting pay without actually working.  Things like the DRM, Dashboard all could of been avoided with a little market research, but hey in this day and age you get to pay $500 to be a beta tester...i actually think that a company should test/market a product before its released to the public...call me crazy.

1. Not going to happen. They want a unified UI across their platforms. Like it or leave it.

2. Even on the 360 there is no point in a customizable background. Do you just want it to say you have it?

I like the X1 UI just not the Friend and message and party its a mess. I want them to Fix that before they add themes.