Hey Microsoft, Major Nelson...how about a free season pass for Titanfall for Day One ppl??

Wouldn't that be a great jester of appreciation their fans and Day One adopters??  Who's with me...it could, it could...I tell ya...ok maybe not...lol


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Much as I would love that, we are not about to get a £40 value season pass as a gesture lol

Major Mouthpiece does not listen.

Here we go. Let's complain about not getting something for free.

Larry does indeed value the input from Xbox fans. He can't always comment on things he reads or give things away like this. I wouldn't say no to a free season pass, but I don't expect one either.


Well, that's why I  figured maybe start a thread that he WILL see. If we could get everyone on the forums to post a simple "Yes" or "I agree" response....who knows what could happen or would work to get their attention. that's how revoutions start btw....by a single voice being back many more.

Just stop.

Entitled much?

Take things too seriously much......