hey, in need of a rant.

my new xbox died last night. 5 months old. it keeps crashing and brining up an over heating message. gah. i sent games customer services a message and waiting to see what they say but i thought the slim was suppose to be better thent the old one? gah.


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Was supposed to be. I personally have had mine from the release day (went to midnight release) and I've never had a single problem.... although an old friend bought the reach console and his broke within 2 or 3 days and had to take it back for another.

It should still be under warranty so replace it but I can understand your frustration.

yeah i know it should be but since their update (game) ive heard horror storys from game about  them saying it's not their problem talk to ms.

plus my game is a bit shish (well one of them) and when my first console red ringed when it was 10 months old they said it hadn't i took it round the corner to the other game and they said yeah it had.

so i'm all like great. stupid thing. i took video proof of it freezing i have 7 recordings in 10 minutes. it wouldn't load up the dash last time i turned it on.

I know what you mean when you say game can't do anything about it. When I got my first 360 I got an E74 error pop up while playing looked it up online and tried all the methods for fixing it linked to that error which were remove and reconnect hard drive or make sure av cables are plugged in properly so I did everything was connected and it still didn't work so I took it down to my local game store where I had got it from they checked to see if it was broken and it was only for them to tell me they can't replace it because the model was discontinued even though they probably had some in stock. Got round to sending it to microsoft they replaced it turns out my motherboard was shot.

the game manager i delt with when i took mine back said it was working fine and when i said prove it because it had been red ring everytime i tried it for that whole week he said he couldn't took it round to the other store and they were like yeah rid ring phone up the other shop and got hold of the guy that tested mine he said yeah i said it had red ringed so there was a strongly worded letter sent to game after that!

this was why i did all my purchasing from the online shop after that as customer services was good but now i am not so sure....

That's terrible news.


Be polite but firm and insist upon a replacement console.


I always buy consoles from the shop because then I have a person to deal with.


Even if I get staff that are ignorant of my rights under the Sales and Goods Act the manager knows that it is the retailers responsibility to repair or replace.


It should never get to the point that you have to report them to the Trading Standards authority but that's where you would go and the fine and bad publicity they would get over refusing to replace goods unfit for purpose is not worth it.  They will replace your faulty box.



oh believe me i know all the rules to follow... i just suck, i never have the balls to be firm and ask for what i want.  (i feel i will get my sister involved as she has been knick named the  verbal rottwieler and she always gets what she wants)

Own fault for not putting it in a better ventilated location, had my xbox for 5 years and its still working.

It lasted longer than mine...my slim died on the 1st day that i got it!!! I had ordered through their website but I took it back to my local Game the same day & they were happy to exchange it for me. I also got them to swap the HDD as i had transferred all my licences & content.

i have one of those tv units that has the big area at the bottom for a sound system. my xbox it the only thing on that shelf. is that not enough vetilation? i'm pretty sure being able to lay it down 8 times in the area means theres enough room and ventilation.

don do you just post to try and pee everyone off?

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