Hey everyone!

Hi my name is Courtney and I was wondering what are some good games to get where I can play with other people. I only have 4 people on my friends list and my co-work told me to start going to the forums to find more friends and to get recommendations for games. So if you have any suggestions please let me know!



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I'm sure you'll find lot's of friends here,maybe list off the types of games you have or like to play

I have Diablo, Hardline, Halo Collection, Elder Scrolls but I don't know if I am gonna play that.

What games do you like?

You can add me if you want, I am very anti social and dont have GOLD but if you want filler or someone who sends you Diablo gifts then add me. Also, might be a good idea to ask a mod to edit your thread, announcing your a woman is always a bad idea online. The little boys cant handle themselves and will probably pounce n you faster then a hawk on a tufted titmouse. Sad world we live in unfortunately.

Feel free to add me if you like, i'm always playing different stuff haha :)

Oh and welcome to the forums!

The games on your profile have Multiplayer in them.

Your best friends will be when you play "Multiplayer" and end up finding some people you enjoy playing the game with.

Give that a go and you'll have even better success than here.


Hello "CocoBunni XOXO"  :)


First and foremost, welcome to the Xbox Forums  :)


I love Diablo 3 vanilla, but I hate Diablo 3 Ultimate Evil Edition because Blizzard changed the system to make all of the enemies always equal to your level (Diablo 3 vanilla capped off the enemies level based on the difficulty level being played).


With that being said, if you're thinking about getting Destiny there are a couple of important things that you should know about it.

(1)  You will grind a lot more than you're used to in Diablo 3.  I have a level 60 Paragon 72 Sorceress and Destiny is a major grind fest indeed.

(2)  The content that is in the core version of Destiny (without The Dark Below and House Of Wolves) is severely lacking as a stand alone purchase.  The DLCs will cost extra money and in my opinion is the best Destiny experience (Destiny core + The Dark Below + House Of Wolves = $60.00).  Hopefully, you won't be paying more than $66.00 if you decide to give Destiny a purchase.

I payed $100 because I got the game when it first came out ($60.00) and then got the season pass ($40.00).  I have logged in over 1,100 hours in the game and I love it  :)

(3)  You level up differently here as opposed to the way that you do in Diablo 3.  In Destiny you max out at level 20 and you need to acquire gear with " Light " to level up beyond level 20.


Have a nice day or afternoon or night "CoCoBunni XOXO"  :)


I don't know how to add people. Can yall add me. It's CocoBunni XOXO


Hello "CoCoBunni XOXO"  :)


I play 75% solo and 25% cooperative multiplayer; I hate PvP Modes.  I hope that you find other people to play with  :)


Have a nice day or afternoon or night "CocoBunni XOXO"  :)


Go to friends, and "search" and put the tag in.

If you can figure out how to add me then Mrs Azrael and myself will be delighted to play "Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition" with you.