Heres an idea, you should have done for Xbox One

Players from 360 would have had an easier time transfering from 360 to one if they had this at launch

Players who purchased any digital content from the 360 marketplace, should be allowed to download said games onto the Xbox One

Like if i bought minecraft on 360, i should be able to instantly download and play it on my new Xbox one

But to do this with every single game, as well as backwards capability of any disc games from 360

Then people could have just looked at the Xbox one as an upgrade full and true

It would make the transfer between the 2 consoles seamless and less frustrating, like having no games for the dang thing

The fact that something like this does not exist, is the reason the xbox one killed the entirety of the generation

That and the required to always be online to do anything bit, not everyone has internet access

Players should have the ability to play any game offline, not just 100% online or no go

Those 2 are serious deciding factors of the console of Xbox One, if those 2 were adjusted and added

Then it might have been a better buy, but sadly was not

i would've thought about it since i have so many arcade games on 360, digital only

But to not be able to use a single one of them on the Xbox one, just makes it a giant fat no

So instead i got a Ps4, and it is lame crappy garbage -_- 

*(Ps4 has one of the worst internet connections for WiFi in the world)

(Horrible horrible servers for internet connections and multiplayer)

(No avatars, so the hud is kind of boring and feels lifeless, with practically no games as well)

(Both the Ps4 and Xbox One are pretty bad regardless, its just true)


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Umm, I like the idea of 360 DP games carrying over to the One and the X1 working as a gaming console without the need of the net.

Just lol,maybe do a bit of research before making a thread next time.

The logic of complaining because there is no 360 to One crossover and then buying a PS4 as a solution is outstanding.  

But to be fair you can pay £12.99 a month for the luxury of playing old PS3 games....

Maybe, but your still not having access to your 360 stuff which is what the complaint is,   At least there is going to be some 360 BC soon.  Total logic failure.

I was being sarcastic, 12.99 a month to play PS3 games is a bit of a rip off. Like you say at least with MS they are making the XB1 backwards compatible with 360 games with no added costs.

Lo,l!  I thought you were but wasn't sure!  :-)

Shut up! Don't give away Xbox one informations....Just. leave OP in his. ignorance.... ;)

I believe Microsoft should make the console black, improve the cooling (Say, make it big like a old school V.C.R. with a huge fan.), and put Phil Spencer in charge. Maybe, just maybe, they could sell a few consoles.

Peace, J.R.

So you want to "upgrade" to a $400-$500 console to play your old games on. That doesn't make too much sense.