Here's why I'm not going to buy an XBox One.

I Love the XBox, and XBox 360. I have since I got my hands on one, with my best friends in the "good ol' days". I owned a PS2 once, and I have some great memories with that console too, but the XBox was always my favourite. I'm really disappointed that I'm not even slightly excited about the XBox One. I didn't even have any high hopes, or crazy expectations whatsoever, and the product completely fell on its face for me. Two simple words, Reverse Compatibility. I knew the console was going to be good, and it really is, but to me it's no good based on a few completely crucial defects. 

I currently own an XBox 360, with an Intercooler, 2 controllers, 2 rechargeable batteries, 2 headsets and a keyboard. I own Forza 2, Forza 3, Forza 4, Halo: CE, Halo: 2, Halo: 3, Halo: Reach,Halo: ODST, Halo: Wars, Halo: CEA, Halo: 4. If you're a gamer like me, you're probably realizing, Hey, aren't every one of those titles both Microsoft and XBox exclusive? You'd be absolutely right. Furthermore, I have purchased every one of these games twice now. That's absolutely right, twice. I love Forza, and Halo, that's it and that's all. Basically the only reason that I even own an XBox. The XBox One is not able to play my old games, which feels like not only a slap in the face, but also a hand so far deep in my pockets, I almost feel entitled to a free prostate exam. The XBox One claims to be an all in one system, but based on that one simple defect, I now would need both the XBox 360, and the One to play all the games that I love. Thus, the XBox One is not the All In One system I expected.

The XBox One has a 500 GB hard drive, which I think is pretty great! But, what the heck do we do with a half terabyte of hard drive space when we can't copy games onto a hard drive? Wait, that's right... XBox One can't go Discless, and even if it could, it doesn't do old games either. Completely useless to me, and incredibly disappointing. Even if I took my entire music library from iTunes, I barely dent that hard drive. Hey, speaking of iTunes, XBox's never really liked iTunes anyways. I hate it when my games get scratched up, and the disc won't read. It's a bad feeling when my hard earned money that I chose to spend on a game becomes useless. I also hate it when I try to listen to some of my favourite songs while I burn rubber, or fill Covenant bellies full of lead. I don't think Master Chief would approve of the XBox One. Cortana would agree too I think. When my XBox 360 got stolen, I kind of wished that if it were connected to the Internet I could find out where it was, and have the option of forcing it to RROD, so the thief that ripped me off wouldn't have the last laugh. If the XBox One was able to do something like that, I would almost absolutely buy one just for that feature. 

XBox One has some really cool, innovative, and wonderful features that I believe many customers will value, however without some very basic functionality I can't imagine why it would matter to anyone. I remember when my first XBox 360 from 2006 got stolen, with all my games, and all my stuff. I loved gaming so much that I didn't just buy every title I owned, but also the Elite Console fully decked twice. Buying an Elite at full price and rebuying all your games is in my opinion some real dedication and devotion. People wouldn't generally do that, unless they were really passionate about what they have. Not only would I not buy an XBox One once, I wouldn't buy it twice either. No way in hell, not a Grunts change in a Spartan scope with Grunt Birthday Party. I can't seriously consider buying a console that I feel isn't really built by or for gamers. A true gamer knows that it's not all about the brand new games, it's the 8-Bit with Chiptunes stuff, and the 64-Bit, and the Originals that people have loved the longest, not just some new hot game with shiny graphics. It doesn't matter that I can multitask and whatever else when the things I really want to do is kick it old school, and get all nostalgic. 

Ultimately, the XBox One is a great system and whatever else and you're probably going to buy one. Titanfall is looking pretty good, and Forza 5 makes me want to change my life so I can one day become Jeremy Clarkson or The Stig. When XBox redefines "Next Generation Gaming Console" and doesn't just fall into that category I will be really excited. The controllers are different, the console is shinier, some other doo-dads and a bell or whistle here and there, but it's not a step forward when you still have to go back to the last generation for ALL your XBox needs. XBox One is incredible, and I would absolutely love to own it, just not the way it is now. 

Sorry XBox, Sorry Microsoft, but you're not getting any more of my money.
Here's a list of what you got so far though; 

Xbox 360 250 Gig Elite = $479.99 x2
Xbox 360 controller = $59.99 x2
Halo: CE = $59.99 x2
Halo: CEA = $59.99 x2
Halo: 2 = $59.99 x2
Halo: 3 = $59.99 x2
Halo: Wars = $59.99 x2
Halo: ODST = $59.99 x2
Halo: Reach = $59.99 x2
Halo: 4 = $59.99 x1
Forza 2 = $59.99 x2
Forza 3 = $59.99 x2

Forza 4 = $59.99 x2

NYKO Intercooler = $19.99 x2
NYKO Charge Base S = $24.99 x2

Considering I actually was dedicated enough to buy all of these items twice, that's a grand total of $1724.84. 
That's without tax, if you're curious. There was also shipping for the 2nd console, and I pre-ordered Halo: 4 only once, since it wasn't out when my first console from 2006 got stolen. 

I think I've stated my case, I just hope that my case isn't ignored, dismissed, or overlooked. 
Please consider my perspective. 
Also, my numbers aren't perfect, but I feel as if they give a valid reflection of the amount of money I have spent since I didn't include the XBox Live time or Keyboard bundle I purchased. 

Thank You, 



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Nice there's the door head over to ps4

None of the consoles have backwards compatability

Not sure how NYKO products are Microsoft & as for how much you've spent,trust me,it really isn't a lot.

This guy is just butthurt and having a hissy fit because he did not get his way.  Do not feed the troll just looking for attention.

@Crossy, my XBox 360 plays every game I own.

@Browny, Absolutely not.

@Daft, You're right, the NYKO products are somewhat out of place, but for less than $45 it's not even a factor of 5%. Whatever. I thought it was worth mentioning.

@Horney, So, are you saying that you wouldn't have supported reverse compatibility? Why not? Don't you like playing old games?

So this is actually starting to want one now kinda thing so I should post my dislikes to reaffirm my decision post? Not sure I didn't read.

They just brought out a soul caliber game for 360.  WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY????????!!!!!!!!!!  I'm so annoyed about that.  OP you reminded me of this (i found out this morning).  I know how you feel.

I understand those points. As much as I would love to make the transition to the new X1 it looks like it won't happen. There should be no technical limitations to allow BC, it's just MS being lazy and creedy. However I don't consider X1 so crippled that it would stop me getting one. I just hope that game BC and media streaming limitations get fixed.

@USCM, no I'm not buying one. I'm just trying to state my case, for whatever my $0.02 is worth.

@Banana, Thanks man, I hope that our cries for a better console aren't snuffed out by people who don't care about gaming the same as we do.

@Frank, Consumerism works both ways, we don't have to consume. Customers only have the power not to buy.

I mean, i am getting X1, but i noticed the SC game today, and i think its only just come out.  WHY isn't it out for XB1?  It really doesn't make sense at all.  Why would i buy it to play for a couple of days then barely ever get chance?  

I can live with the other games not being BC but for one to only just be released..... Damn....

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