got hacked a month ago and I just realize  

i have achievements from a month  ago that i did  not unlock what should I do 

will microsoft banned me

I have no idea what to do


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You do not need to keep spamming this on the forums,one thread is enough.

Microsoft may ban you for giving out your account details, as that`s the only way to get hacked.

If third party software was used to attain achievements you may also get a gamerscore reset.

Call support and open an unauthorised access case and have it investigated.

I did not give out info about my account

Either you gave out your information, phished or you were social engineered. If you gave it out tough luck it is your responsibility to look after your account. If you were phished you could of gave your details unwillingly to a unsafe website. If you were social engineered (Rare) you must have information out there on the web that has been used to gain access your account. I would just do what Owen says and give support a call and open an unauthorised access case. They will investigate your account and take action on whatever they find.

In the last few months did you ever have to recover your account back onto your console for no apparent reason? Did you leave your console unattended while any friends or family members (like a sibling) were around? Is your account pass coded on your console?



One thing you may want to do then is call support and open up an "unauthorized access" case with them.  Anything that was done on the account during that time would not go against you (as far as I understand it).