Help !!!!!

Turned my 360 on just now and no sound from it at all, checked all cables and tv ect and they are fine, s model 360. any ideas ? thanks in advance.


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When I fail to get sound it's my tv playing up. I just press standby and then press again and that works for me

Hi Gary

Are you going straight to a specific game?

Do you get the XBox Noise when you power on for the first time?

Have you tried a DVD?

Seems a strange thing to happen out of the blue.

Thanks for the replies, I found out why this happened although I still don't know why. My 360 decided to enable discovery in the display section of the settings and this changes the hdmi audio output for some reason. It managed to do this overnight whist switched off and unplugged, LOL. Shows the fix here.

Mine does as it wants aswell try to give voice commands with Kinect and it ignores me, gf speaks and it does it :)

We have a 7 month old German shepherd puppy and i'm starting to think it was her, LOL.