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Hi all 

I need help my sons both play online  one has a xbox 360 one has a PS3. I've. Just got myself  an xbox one  and I would like to play online. How do I go about this without logging them out! Is it as simple as setting up a new  xbox live account with a different  email. Or is there a different why .  Any help would be much appreciated .


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A new Gold account will do it.

Just log into your network with the new Xbox One.

If the 1 son with the 360 is a gold member, he'll be able to play too. That is if you tell them about it ;)

My son has a gol live account on my home email address. Can I use the same email address to set up a new gold live account or .will I have to use a different email address

I believe you'll have to use a different e-mail address.

If your son is using your e-mail for his Xbox Live account, that e-mail is linked to his gamer tag.

Now this is where I get confused, how do I get my router to use a new email address without it conflicting this my home email address  that my son is using?

Your router only passes traffic... Use your email to sign into your One. then create a new Gamertag (which is yours) with a new address. Then add your new Gamertag as a fmily member on your One. Voila! you can play while your son is online.

Will I need a new 12 month gold , or can I use my sons

You'll need a new Gold Membership.

One membership per person.

They used to have a family plan but it was eliminated last year.

There have been rumors of bringing it back but nothing confirmed.

However, if your son doesn't mind you using his profile (and getting more Gamerscore) you can use it on the Xbox One.

It was probably you who are paying for the membership anyway.

I use the same gamertag on 360 and one,  had both on at same time and both work fine. You will however get achievements on the same account :) you can however use the family function on the one and add the other 360 gamertag which will allow your son to play the same games you have if he upgrades to a one.

If you followed my post your son would have "admin or parent" rights on your One. If that is not a problem Sign in with his has the primary account. Create your account (free) and sign in with it on your One. Have your son add you as family on the One. No need to buy a second Gold if you have no aversion to my first sentence.

umm ya, you dont need a new account...just log into the xbox one with the same email address.  I gave my 360 to my sister who plays games online on my account at the same time im logged into my account on X1 playing games.

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