Help with Smart Match and Party Chat

Ok please help people. When playing online me and friends regularly party chat but play different games. Last night I was playing Ryse and friend was playing Killer Instinct. When I went to play multiplayer Ryse it kept on sending him an invite even though he doesnt have the game.  From what I can tell there was no way for me to enter multiplayer and play a random person without leaving party chat each time I wanted to start a new game. Anyone know a way around this little problem ie. switch off smart match temporarily. I have to say tho the smart match/party thing IS really clever and good, but just need an option to either have it on or off depending on wether your party are playing the same game. Many help appreciated.


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Not experienced party chat...  But the smart match stinks and does just the same as xbox 360. Would love to see it working.

It should be called dumb match as for example in bf4 it matches level 1 and also level 100 people....  Not that smart..

Smart match is only used when azure or dedicated servers r involved ryse and Forza both use them all it does is smart match u with someone from ur country I believe. As for the inviting of ur friend battlefield did that to me I was in 64 player conquest my mate was on Dom and it kept sending me invites for his game and him invites for my games I hate the Xbox one party coz it makes a party the min u get on the Xbox then it changes with the game u play when I go from battlefield to ghosts it asks if I wanna change the party asks me twice  and it's annoying