Help with profile switching

Is there a shortcut to switch between active profiles when there are more than one signed in?  I've been playing on my profile/gt online and my xbox will sometimes switch to my wife or kids profile if they are signed in at the same time.  Is there something I'm doing to cause this or is it a bug?  Anyone else have this happen?


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I've noticed if anyone has a controller in their hand and you go back home, it changes to the one it sees holding the controller. Other than that, not really.. You can switch profiles back pretty easy, though.

thats exactly what happens if I go back home to snap a party or anything you need to go home for even if they don't have a controller in hand it will switch to the other profile sucks when ur mid game

Put it on manual sign in. This is what I had to do to stop it auto signing in my wife. Then is all I do is when I turn on my xbox Is say "xbox sign in dufful" and it signs me in. No more auto sign ins of others.