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Ok 1st off ive been trying to call and email this site they don't help at all got a xbox 360 never open never modded but it got banned I read everything I can I see nowhere were it says ur system can get banned for not doing anything I talk to manager MATT told him more gladly to send the xbox to them but he told me to talk to this forms site well I did I got no response they wont even post my message what next step I vilotaled nothing to get banned I don't have a mic so I cant talk *** help thank u lets see if this makes it on this fourm!!!


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Holy run on sentence batman!

I can't make out if you are saying your xbox live id was banned or your console.If your Xbox Live ID has been banned you can post an inquiry in the accounts and suspensions section of the forums to find out why.  If it was your console, you can post in the console banned section.

If you bought you Xbox console second hand off Ebay or craigslist you run the risk of getting a banned console and Xbox PET won't unban it.  There decisions are pretty much final.