Help with a problem.

Now, I am not sure if I should post this somewhere else, or not. I've been apart of Xbox for multiple years, but never found the need to use this forum until now, so sorry for any misplaced things. I am here to address a problem that has been affecting me, and my peers. So, recently I was in a fight with one of my old friends, and I finally ended all communications with him ( blocking and removing ). But, over the past weeks, he's found a way to bypass the blocking and the removing by creating multiple accounts to try to message me, or something along those lines. I fear he is going to continue doing so, and if there is anything you can suggest that I do, it would be gladly appreciated. I know I can continue to block him, and so forth, but I fear if I continue, he'll make more accounts, and start harassing me and my friends just to get me to contact him on the matter. I just want it to stop, so, any suggestions?

Thank you in advance. Also, another apology for putting this in the wrong spot.


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Set your privacy settings to “Friends Only”.  Then, no matter what this person does, his messages can't get though to you.  He CAN PM you though.

PM meaning through a website like this? Well, okay. Thank you for your assistance, I will do just that. Also, another question.

Yes, he can PM you from here and those can't be blocked, not that I know of.  You'll just have to ignore and delete them.  What's your other question?

Or you can change your ScreenName,i know you shouldnt have to.Iam not even sure it would work?

Why not do the smart thing and work out your communication problems by talking through your fight was all about. In general, Many, many people in life will burn bridges over the dumbest things especially when it comes to family members or close friendships.  You would serve yourself well by working through the difficult parts of a friendship then walking away from one. Walking away is the easy part but hanging in there is the hardest part of life. You can mute, block, drop or whatever to stop the communication but down the line you will be faced with another such situation like this one its best t work them through than walk away. Life is hard no one told you life would be easy and to me this is such a same inconvenience that life throws you.