Help properly reporting sexual harassment

My wife was sexually harassed by another player via Xbox live message.. She had never played with this "man" other than being in the same server (GTA Online)

He sent her a message I won't repost on here but i need help getting him banned.

I contacted the customer support and did the live chat. They are unable to give me any information to take legal action as Sexual  Harassment is a very serious

issue/crime We want to press charges to the fullest extent of the law and Xbox is of no help.

They tell me to post here and a "enforcement team" will look into it .


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Unfortunately they are once again wrong.


The only two places on the forum the Enforcement Team view are boards 15 and 16 in the support section Even there they only respond to enquiries about bans.


All you can do on the 360 is file a complaint, which you can find out how to do so behind the following link


If you wish to take things further than that then you will need to contact your local police department.

seriously?  And you want to press charges?  lol I'm sorry but that's hilarious.  How about going to privacy setting and only allow FRIENDS on your friends list to be able to message you or your wife.  Pressing charges is just silly.  

You CANT press charges on sexual harrasment, as it is a civil matter not a criminal matter. SO the fullest extent of the law would be absolutely no where.


File a report through the dashboard is all you need to do for him to get suspended/banned from Xbox live.



Mexican word of the day:  *Harassment*

My wife caught me in bed with another woman and I told her honey, harassment nothing to me.!