HELP pls(hdmi)

would put this in support forum but cant find it so excuse  me, p.s. new forums SUCK!

heres my problem. i got hdmi leadsx for system few months back and yeh all very shiny etc. problem is when i turn tv on xbox channel the xbox resets itself, so i can turn on xbox and get start up tune thru my turtle beaches then change tv to hdmi 2(where ,y xbox is plugged into) and it resets and i get tune again or i can go on pc to look something up and talk with ppl on xbox party but then when i go back i get tune again and back on dashboard, highly annoying if not saved in a while. anyone know why it does this as ps3 doesnt and thats on hdmi's also. thanks in advance if anyone can help as its really really annoying.


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bit hard to understand what you getting at but your better off posting in the support forum/av hardware section.

I know you said you were using a HDMI cable, but are you also using the AV cable as well?

This happened to me al the time when I had the Xbox Audio dongle plugged in for its optical audio output. So annoying that I ended up going without it.

In my case, its just a quirk of the TV, theres not a lot I could do about it.