Help Please..

My gamercard won't show any of my game history and I can't seem to find out why? Also I'm wanting to put my gamercard on a forum site is the best for that it's the only one I can find. Thank you


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Hi terryology!

First off, make sure your profile is set to let "Everyone" see your Game History.

You can do this here: or on your console under "online safety settings"


Ive not used myself, but its all about personal preference.

Two that I use are Zammit -

& Playfire -

Thanks very much for the reply mate, Does playfire update the gamercards quickly?

Not too sure really mate, it was tucked away on the "About" section on my blog, so its not something I saw regularly. Stupidly, I forgot that I swapped it out with another one, just last week - - I just liked the detail on it!



guys microsoft is warning about that page to not giveem any information

playfire is still doing their things even though your link stated Microsoft triumphed. I got a msg from my friend that had this in it, after asking my friend he said he didn't send anything. All they have done is changed how they operate. 3 of my friends seem to be on that site already sadly I can't warn them they are rarely online.