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Hello all!, I have recently been sent a new Sky router as we are on Sky broadband after having problems with the previous one (with connecting to live) With this one when i do manage to connect i am only able to play say one game of COD online then the game gets all jumpy and jittery and disconnects me. I then test my connection and eachtime it gives me a different reason like cant connect to the internet or my mtu settings are to low which only makes things even more confusing considering the trouble shooter gives me different messages on each different occasion. I have tried unlugging the router and plugging it back in again but this does not work neither does plugging an ethernet cable into my modem or router and connecting that to my xbox. Help please? any advice would be much appreciated.


Thank you!


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Theyve just sent me a new router thats what the problem is i think we are on about the contract running down and going back to Virgin media because SKY are an absolute shambles of a company!

Try a new router and a phone call. I had Sky Internets for neigh on two years and never had a single problem with it.

Unfortunately, Sky are not very good. I've been with them now for 2 years in each of my properties, just waiting for my contract time to run down.

Just ring them up and get a new router sent out.

Contact Sky Tech Support and tell them what issues you are having since getting the new router

Well i hope my SKY installation is good in my new place or i'll go fecking mental!