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Hi everyone I am hoping that someone can assist me I have a copy of NK7 Ice Hockey which i am having intermittent problems with and I am wondering if there is any method that I can copy this game onto a blank DVD disc to see if this solves the problem rather than having to purchase another copy of the game.  I realise that this may be a bit of a long shot and that it may not be allowed but I read somewhere that there was an article or something on the XBox site explaining how to do this but I have been unable to find this. I have come across numerous sites that say you can get software etc to do this but I do not want to do anything that is illegal or prevents me from using my console  and xbox live in future - so any definitive advice would be much appreciated.


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no you cannot do that,you would be breaking copyright laws.

try install it to your hard still need the original disc in the machine when playing it but it will read the data from the saved file instead of the disc.

No you can't do that, not unless you mod your Xbox, which is a banable offence.

No it's not advised unless you're a pirate but then if you were you should hide otherwise you will be banned

You can however install the game to your HDD, meaning it won't run off the disc at all, if the disc is at fault, that will solve your problem.

i tried that once, i mean the installing thing it got to about 28% then came up with the disc damaged thing

Rent the game, install it, run the install with your own disc.

Thanks guys I thought this may be the case but I wanted to make 100% certain does anyone know if it is still available as a download? Only have 4GB disc unless I can copy and run from USB stick so that may be another option if I can do it!

You can use a USB flash drive as long as it's at least 1GB and a maximum of 16GB.

That is great my usb is 8gb so I can look and see what is available to download thanks to everyone for their help:)

I was having a nightmare last week with Quantum of Solace (and only QoS) throwing up disc read errors half way through missions, it wouldn't even install!

However a quick clearing of the cache sorted it right out (after struggling through nearly 2 playthroughs)!

OP, its worth a shot.


Head to System Settings \ Memory & highlight your storage device.

Press Y & choose "clear system cache".

Good luck! :D